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Does AirBuddy collect any analytics or send any data about me or my devices to its servers?

Absolutely not.

AirBuddy was designed to respect your privacy so it doesn’t include any type of analytics, about anything. It won’t even collect crash reports automatically, those have to be submitted by you from the “Help” menu, if you choose to do so.

Which servers does AirBuddy talk to and why

Note: AirBuddy includes an internet access policy file which describes every connection it makes in detail.,,

AirBuddy downloads images and animations from these servers in order to show them on the status window. They are downloaded on-demand based on which devices that you use, but on first launch the app will download assets for the most commonly used devices.,,

AirBuddy uses these servers to check for app updates, download configuration assets and when you choose to send feedback from within the app’s “Help” menu. When checking for app updates, only the app’s build number is sent to the server.

These services are implemented on Cloudflare’s edge network, which means that the server that your installation of AirBuddy is talking to is very likely to be within your own country or region. No logs are kept on the server.

When you decide to send feedback — a process that always has to be done manually from within the app’s “Help” menu — you get to choose whether to include an email address and name for follow-ups, and whether detailed diagnostics information is included. Basic system information such as the model of your Mac and OS version is always included when you send feedback.,

These servers are owned by Paddle, which is the service I use to sell and license AirBuddy. The Paddle SDK will contact these servers on AirBuddy’s behalf in order to activate and verify your license. Only your license key, email and basic information such as app version will be sent when activating the license. Check out Paddle’s privacy policy for more information.

Paddle doesn’t get access to information about you or the devices that you use with AirBuddy.