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How can I see stats about my devices in AirBuddy?

AirBuddy keeps track of the state of your headsets when they're near your Mac. You can see stats about a headset by clicking the graph icon next to the device in AirBuddy's settings, under the “Devices” tab.

Keep in mind that it takes time for the stats to build up, so you’ll have to keep using the app (and your AirPods or other headset) nearby for at least a few days until they become available.

The graph will show you an overview of your usage, including how much battery drain happened within each time period. The graph will show left and right buds independently for AirPods and Powerbeats Pro, as well as a summary of how much time you've spent using the device for calls or for listening to audio.

All of the data collected is only stored on your Mac and is processed on device. Learn more about the privacy policy.

The device stats window, showing usage statistics for AirPods Pro