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How to change listening modes using AirBuddy

You can change listening modes in a few ways in AirBuddy ¹.

Using a gesture in the status window

Within the status window for a device that supports listening modes, you can swipe down with the trackpad or scroll down with a Magic Mouse, then swipe left and right to select a listening mode. Release to connect to the device and switch listening modes in a single gesture.

Using a gesture in the Menu Bar

With the list of devices opened from the Menu Bar icon, find a device that supports listening modes, then swipe from the right to the left on the trackpad or mouse, select the desired listening mode, and release.

Using a keyboard shortcut

There are a few global keyboard shortcuts you can register in AirBuddy's settings, in the “Advanced” tab. Register a keyboard shortcut to toggle between noise cancellation and transparency, or between noise cancellation and no noise cancellation.

With the shortcut registered, whenever a device that supports listening modes is connected to your Mac, you can press that key combination to toggle between the different listening modes.

¹ Changing listening modes requires macOS Catalina 10.15.1 or later. Learn more about the system requirements.