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How to enable/disable microphone input using AirBuddy

By default, AirBuddy will disable the microphone input on your Mac from picking up the microphone of your AirPods or other headsets. That's to prevent quality drops when listening to music on your Mac, and it's what most users prefer.

There are some situations though where you might want to use the microphone input from your headset, such as when answering a call or doing a video conference.

Here are a few ways to choose when to enable or disable mic input from your AirPods or other headset with AirBuddy.

Change the default connection mode

You can change the default connection mode, which is used for all headsets by default, to leave the microphone input enabled.

  • Launch AirBuddy's settings
  • Go to the "Audio" tab
  • Click the settings icon next to the "Default" connection mode
  • Check "Enable Mic Input"
  • Click "Done"

Now, whenever you connect to your headset using AirBuddy, it will leave the mic input enabled.

Toggle microphone input on or off using a global keyboard shortcut

You can also assign a keyboard shortcut to enable or disable mic input when a headset is connected to your Mac.

  • Launch AirBuddy's settings
  • Go to the "Advanced" tab
  • Click the box next to "Toggle mic input"
  • Press the key combination you'd like to use

Now, every time this key combination is pressed, in any app, it will toggle microphone input on/off for the connected AirPods or other supported headset. You can use it to enable mic input right before joining a conference call, for instance.