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What causes the AirBuddy icon in the Menu Bar to be crossed?

AirBuddy icon in the Menu Bar with a dash across it

When you see this icon instead of the regular AirBuddy icon in the Menu Bar, it means that Bluetooth is currently unavailable, so AirBuddy can’t find nearby accessories.

Most of the time, this just means that Bluetooth is turned off, but it may also happen when your Mac is experiencing Bluetooth problems, in which case the Bluetooth icon itself will also change in the Menu Bar.

If you constantly experience this issue and you haven’t turned off Bluetooth, it’s possible that your Mac is having hardware issues, in which case you should have it checked and repaired if needed.

It’s also possible for the icon to briefly show up like this right after waking your Mac from sleep, since Bluetooth is often turned off after the Mac has been asleep for a while.