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Why won’t the Batteries widget update in real-time on macOS Big Sur?

Apple designed a new system for widgets on iOS 14, called WidgetKit. This is the system that allows widgets to be put in your Home Screen on iOS. In order to preserve battery life, WidgetKit won’t let apps update their widgets whenever they want to, so how often they update is limited by the operating system.

The same system was ported over to macOS, but Apple kept the same restrictions as on iOS, which means that AirBuddy is unable to update its Batteries widget as often as it wants to.

On iOS, Apple implemented their own Batteries widget without using WidgetKit, which bypasses these limitations, but this is not an option for third-party developers such as myself.

I have already filed a feedback report (FB8812231) to Apple about this unnecessary limitation on macOS. If you wish to see real-time battery information about your devices on macOS Big Sur, I recommend using the AirBuddy window from the Menu Bar.