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Will AirBuddy work on macOS Ventura?

Yes, AirBuddy is compatible with macOS Ventura since version 2.6.1.

If you like to run beta versions of macOS and try out new features early, check out the AirBuddy beta program.

Troubleshooting issues in macOS Ventura

A few common issues and solutions are listed below. Make sure you're running AirBuddy version 2.6.1 or later if your Mac is on macOS Ventura.

Widgets no longer work after updating to macOS Ventura

Due to limitations with how Apple has implemented WidgetKit on macOS, after updating to AirBuddy 2.6, you'll need to reconfigure your AirBuddy widgets in Notification Center.

If you're not seeing AirBuddy widgets in Notification Center, go to the app's "Advanced" tab and click "Clear Widget Cache".

AirBuddy icon no longer shows up in the Menu Bar and the buttons in the "Advanced" tab are greyed out

If you no longer see the AirBuddy icon in the Menu Bar and/or the buttons in the app's settings "Advanced" tab are greyed out, then there's probably been an issue with the app's installation.

Try the following steps:

  • Go to the General tab in AirBuddy's settings
  • Make sure the "Enable AirBuddy" toggle is in the off position
  • Quit AirBuddy
  • Delete the app in Finder
  • Go to System Settings > General > Login Items and make sure there's no item named ""; if there is one, then it probably means you have multiple copies of the app on your Mac, use Spotlight to find and delete them
  • Re-download the app, move it into /Applications
  • Launch the app toggle "Enable AirBuddy" on

If you're still experiencing issues with installation, check out this support article.