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How can I see the status of other Macs and their accessories in AirBuddy?

AirBuddy can display the status of your other Macs that are nearby and running AirBuddy 2, as well as their peripherals such as the Magic Mouse or Keyboard. The app does this by creating a mesh Bluetooth LE network between your Macs. This same technology enables Magic Handoff, which lets you transfer peripherals between Macs with a single click.

If you're logged in to the same iCloud account on multiple Macs, you don't have to do anything, AirBuddy will automatically establish a secure connection between them. If you're not logged in to the same iCloud account, then you’ll have to pair the Macs manually.

How to pair another Mac that's in a different iCloud account

To pair a new Mac running AirBuddy that's not logged in to your iCloud account, follow the steps below.

  • Ensure that both Macs are next to each other and that Bluetooth is enabled in both
  • Ensure that both Macs have "Enable other Macs and Magic Handoff" enable under the Devices tab
  • In both Macs, launch AirBuddy's settings
  • In one of the Macs, select the Devices tab, then click the “+” button below the list (if a menu appears, select “Add New Device”)
  • Select “Another Mac running AirBuddy”
  • Within a few moments, a prompt will appear in the other Mac with the options “Accept” and “Deny”. Click “Accept” to accept the pairing
AirBuddy pairing UI
AirBuddy alert