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What are the minimum system requirements for AirBuddy?

AirBuddy requires macOS Mojave (10.14.6) or later and a Mac with Bluetooth Low Energy support. Support for some headsets is limited or unavailable depending on the operating system version, check out this article to learn more.

How to check if your Mac supports Bluetooth Low Energy

  • Click the Apple logo menu
  • Select “About This Mac”
  • Click on the “System Report” button
  • In the “Hardware” section of the sidebar, select “Bluetooth”
  • Check the “Bluetooth Low Energy Supported” line. If that line says Yes, then your Mac has Bluetooth Low Energy and will work with AirBuddy. If that line says No, then your Mac does not have Bluetooth Low Energy and will not work with AirBuddy.

What if I purchased AirBuddy and then realized that my Mac is not supported?

No worries, see how can I get a refund for AirBuddy.