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Will AirBuddy support my non-Apple mouse, keyboard or headset?

AirBuddy was designed to integrate tightly with Apple’s ecosystem, therefore it doesn’t support accessories from manufacturers other than Apple or Beats (which is owned by Apple).

What about those cheap AirPods clones?

Those may or may not work with AirBuddy, just as they may or may not work with your iPhone, or just as they may or may not work period. They’re not supported though, so if you plan on buying AirBuddy to use with fake AirPods clones, do it at your own risk.

Will AirBuddy ever support accessories from other manufacturers?

It would be technically possible for AirBuddy to work with accessories from other manufacturers. The problem is that not everything that’s technically possible is necessarily a good idea.

Supporting Apple and Beats devices to the level that AirBuddy supports them right now required several months of research and development on top of years of prior knowledge on how Apple’s devices work.

It also requires buying test units when new devices or revisions are introduced. I can’t possibly do that for every accessory manufacturer out there, and I’m not willing to include support for those devices as second-class devices which won’t support all of the features in the app, so I prefer to focus on what I can do a great job at.